Boxing & Martial Arts Mouth Guards

Boxing and Martial Arts Mouth Guards

Spar or clinch safely during boxing or martial arts training with high-impact mouth guards. Designed to protect your jaw, teeth, face and neck by absorbing any excessive shock from blows, and spreading out the impact of the force, mouth guards prevent broken teeth, lower jaw fractures, lacerations and, in serious cases, brain injury. Select the best mouth guard that your money can buy since it is the most important piece of equipment in combat sports.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are generally three different types of mouth guards. The basic, disposable mouth guard gives a level of protection in light-contact sport, but may fit incorrectly, causing discomfort. It is also not suitable for high-contact sports. For boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), the boil-and-bite type where you need to mould the mouth guard to your teeth and the custom mouth guards designed specifically for your teeth offer the most comfort and protection.

Fit and Size

To prevent injury, make sure that your mouth guard fits well and tightly enough to stay in place so it does not fall out while youre sparring. An ill-fitting mouth guard may not just cause discomfort but also injury. Good mouth guards are also thicker than other mouth guards as they offer better shock absorption in boxing and combat sports, like MMA.

Gender and Style

Get ready to fight with a range of mouth guard styles and designs, which include mens boxing and martial arts mouth guards and adult unisex boxing and martial arts mouth guards. When it comes to style, choose a mouth guard colour, print or design that best expresses your personality, or one that puts the most fear into your foe.

How to Care for Your Mouth Guard

First, brush and floss your teeth before wearing the mouth guard, then clean and sterilise your mouth guard after every use by washing it in cold water, and then soaking it in mouthwash to kill all bacteria. Once dry, store and protect your mouth guard in a secure case, away from dirt, moisture, direct sunlight and any heat source as it may cause moulding and health problems.