Boxing & Martial Arts Protective Chest Guards

Boxing and Martial Arts Protective Chest Guards

Boxing and martial arts can get rough, and you may suffer injuries if you do not have proper boxing and martial arts protective gear in your equipment bag. To be a winner, you need much more than superior fighting skills. In your training, you need to protect yourself from kicks and punches. Wraps for your hands, groin protectors, and soft headgear are obvious choices, but paying attention to protecting your chest is also a good idea. Learn more about these special chest guards to find one to take to the gym with you.


The wrong design might feel quite inconvenient and slow you down. Good chest guards leave your hands as free as possible, allowing for agile movement. Some protectors feature a coloured dot in the centre of the guard, marking the spot where to hit, which is a great addition for novices and children, helping to focus in practice. With reversible protectors, you can choose which colour you want to wear and if your opponent has the same model, it is a great way to distinguish between the fighters.


You could choose your equipment from the selection of boxing and martial arts protective chest guards or pick up special children, men, or womens boxing and martial arts protective gear. Childrens guards are smaller than adult gear for understandable reasons. Womens guards can also be smaller than mens. In addition, special womens models may include some extra padding around the breast area or come in different designs to match different breast sizes.


Martial arts and boxing can have their limits and rules for protective gear. Most likely, you are purchasing a chest guard because you practice with someone else. Boxing alone or fighting your own shadow would not require any protection, but with a sparring partner, you might need some, especially when you are just starting out. If you are a member of a club, check whether they have any requirements regarding protective gear. Before purchasing, also ensure that you are buying gear for the right sport, as the rules might be different for taekwondo and karate, for instance. You would not want your training partner to refuse to practice with you just because you have the wrong gear.


The chest protector only works if it fits you snugly and you feel so comfortable in it that you can forget that you are wearing one at all. Before purchasing a chest guard, read the sizing charts and find your exact fit. Some models are also adjustable with straps and provide you lots of flexibility. In terms of size, you also have to decide how much the guard should cover. Some bigger options also provide coverage for the collarbones and kidneys.