Boxing & Martial Arts Protective Hand Wraps

Boxing and Martial Arts Protective Hand Wraps

Whether you’re just starting out taking your first boxing class, or you’re just about to have your first amateur match, boxing and martial arts protective hand wraps are a must. You do have quite a wealth of choices as to what kind of protective hand wraps you prefer, however. You can use protective gear such as knuckle guards, tape, or solid hand wraps to protect yourself as your spar or fight. With options for both men and women, you’re sure to find gear that not only protects, but helps you feel comfortable in your sport.

Knuckle Guards

When it comes to boxing and martial arts protective gear, many people use knuckle guards. These are similar to boxing tape, but are formulated to go directly around the knuckles. They’re typically also sold as a pair, so that when you spar with either hand, you’re protected. Shop men’s, women’s, or adult unisex boxing hand wraps to help protect your knuckles.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps look a bit like boxing gloves, and offer the most protection when it comes to guards, tape, and wraps. Often used in MMA fighting, many of these hand wraps have a gel construction, so that you still have mobility but also protection as you fight. There are quite a variety when it comes to colours, styles, and choices for men and women. You’ll want a hand wrap that fits snugly so that you never have a loose grip as you fight.


Many experienced and professional fighters use boxing tape. Boxing tape is available in a variety of colours, and made my quite a few recognisable brands, allowing you to choose from manufacturers such as Everlast, adidas, Morgan, and more. To use hand tape, simply unroll the tape, place around your hands and knuckles, and pin in place.

Options for Men and Women

There are many types of men’s boxing protective hand wraps, as well as unisex options and options for women. For women, you’ll find the sizing is a bit smaller, and that small, medium, and large wraps correlate more with smaller hand sizes. Many of the unisex styles fit both men and women perfectly, and are available in a variety of colours to match your trunks or uniform.