Boxing & Martial Arts Training Dummies

Boxing and Martial Arts Training Dummies

In boxing and martial arts, where a hit is placed can be as important as the strength behind the blow. For this reason, training dummies which train users to hit specific high-value areas on a body can be a valuable addition to one's tools. Like a traditional punching bag, a boxing dummy or training dummy can be either free standing or may require overhead mounts

What Type of Training Dummy Should I Get?

The type of training dummy you should get will depend on several factors.

  • Do you need a dummy with a punching bag stand, that is free standing, or does your space have the tools for ceiling mounts and chains?
  • What discipline are you training in? There are dummies to train for punching, but also for training groundwork and grappling.
  • Are you following very traditional training regimens? If so, a wooden dummy may be for you.
  • Do you need an adjustable height dummy for multiple users? Some higher end dummies allow for users to adjust height and other factors.
  • What are you wanting to practice? Aiming for lower body shots will require dummies with a full or extended torso.