Boxing and Martial Arts Training Equipment

From fresh beginners to seasoned pros, martial artists need the right martial arts supplies to train effectively and perform well in competition.

Martial Arts Bags

Punching bags are an essential piece of training equipment for any martial art that involves striking, from boxing to karate, and there are a few different kinds to choose from to suit different training purposes. The heavy bag is sturdy enough to stand up to the most forceful punches and kicks but can also be used for technique and endurance drills. Hanging versions are the most traditional and their movement helps to develop striking accuracy, but standing bags are more convenient to move. Speed bags are a training staple for boxers trying to develop better hand speed, while the similar double-ended bag also forces trainees to dodge when it springs back, simulating a real opponent. There are also some more specialised bags like the uppercut bag.

Martial Arts Gloves

Martial arts gloves are another piece of essential martial arts gear. Boxers usually use three different types of gloves. Sparring gloves are used for training against human opponents and contain enough padding to protect both the person punching and the person being punched, while competition gloves used for competitive fights are lighter. Bag gloves are used in the gym to protect the hands while hammering away at a heavy bag. Other fighters use different types of glove in the gym and in competition. MMA gloves are lighter and provide less coverage than boxing gloves in order to allow enough hand mobility for grappling. Thai boxing gloves are also typically lighter than Western gloves due to the sport’s lower emphasis on punching.

Martial Arts Clothing

Different martial artists wear different equipment into the ring, from bright MMA shorts to the traditional uniforms worn by karate and judo fighters. Some equipment is also worn for its protective qualities. Hand wraps protect the small bones in the hand from repeated impacts, which can otherwise cause fractures. Boxers and MMA fighters also wear mouthguards to protect their teeth from punches and kicks.

Other Martial Arts Equipment

As well as bags and gloves, martial artists can take advantage of a lot of other training equipment. MMA fighters and boxers often use elevation training masks to restrict oxygen during training in order to strengthen the heart and lungs. Punching mitts are a popular tool for training with a sparring partner. Martial artists in some more traditional or self defense-oriented disciplines will even train with practice weapons.