Boys' Jeans

Create effortless style with a pair of boys jeans

If theres one essential in a boys wardrobe, its jeans. Perfect for playing with mates, wearing to a party at the weekend, or just hanging out at home, jeans work for many occasions. Theres a great choice of boys jeans in different styles, sizes, and colours, so youre sure to find exactly what youre looking for.

Styles and brands

Theres plenty of Levis, Quiksilver and Billabong boys jeans if youre looking for something special, and choosing to browse by brand makes your job much easier. Slim jeans are a popular choice for boys with most brands offering their take on this popular style. The slim design is a classic and gives plenty of room for the leg to move, so your little ones can run around and be active.

If youre the parent of style-conscious boys then skinny jeans are ideal. Theyre fashionable, modern, and the skinny fit means they look good as part of a smart outfit, perfect for a family barbie.

Colours of boys jeans

Blue denim jeans are a great choice as they goe with all other boys clothing. Blue and black boys jeans are classic choices and will provide them with clothing that lasts. There are many other shades available, with a light wash being perfect for a more summery look. You could even try stonewash or acid wash denim for a distressed look that is perfect for the boy with a unique sense of style.

Picking the right boys jeans

When buying jeans for boys there are a few things to consider. A choice of sizes means you can get jeans that fit around the waist and are long enough in the leg. Sizes range from a boys 4 to 12. Jeans with stretch will also last longer, as they can be worn as your boys grow. Colour is key too, darker jeans dont show dirty marks or stains and can also look smarter.