Boys' Socks

Boys' Socks

"Son, where are all your socks?" It's a discussion that every parent and son has had. The worst part about keeping up with boys' socks is when you have a dozen white socks, but none of them match, and each has a different top. There is a way around this: always buy the same brand and design, so no matter what you'll be able to find footwear that matches.


Depending on the lad's preference, you might consider purchasing boys' cotton socks because they are not only comfy but also washable and tough enough to stand up to the abuse of little feet. On colder days, a pair of boys' wool socks might be a better choice.

Colour or White

Boys don't always care what colour socks they wear, but sometimes, whether it's their personal choice or mum just needs to put her foot down and make him give up his white socks for a day, a pair or two with a bit of colour can come in handy. Grey, navy, or black might be a better option with the outfit he is wearing that day.

Style and Height

The three most popular styles for little ones are the ankle, mid-calf, and knee high lengths. Each has a height that coordinates with the name. During colder weather, knee highs add a little more warmth, but during the hot months, ankle and mid-calf styles are cooler. Your son's school or organised sport may require socks of a specific type as part of a dress code, so bear this in mind when buying.

Brand or Not

Sometimes, with so many brands and off-brands on the market, it can be hard to decide on which is the best for you kid. As long as they are high quality and comfortable to wear, you can't go wrong. Many companies put the brand name on the sock. Sometimes it's on the bottom, and sometimes it's on the cuff, either way, it's a great way to match socks after washing and drying.