Boys’ Tops and T-Shirts

No boy’s wardrobe is complete without a selection of shirts. From studying at school to playing at the beach, there is a type of boy’s shirt for every occasion.

Boys’ Shirt Styles

Boys’ shirts are available in all of the same styles as adult shirts, just smaller. The T-shirt has a good claim for being the most popular type of top in the world for kids as well as adults, and comes in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved styles. Polo shirts are also a popular type of boys’ clothing, and their distinctive collars give them a little extra formality compared to the dressed-down tee. The sleeveless tank is a great summer option, while formal shirts are perfect for dressing up on special occasions.


Boys’ tops come in a wide variety of different materials. The most popular material is cotton, both because of its useful properties and its affordability. Cotton is lightweight, it can be dyed in any colour and it is easy to wash, perfect for active kids. While regular cotton is the most basic fabric for boys’ T-shirts, there are also premium varieties of cotton that are commonly used for more luxurious clothing. Pima cotton’s extra-long strands make it especially soft to the touch, while organic cotton is prized for its eco-friendly qualities. Synthetics like polyester are also widely used. They are typically tougher than natural fibres and more resistant to fading, so you can expect them to last longer. Synthetics are often blended with cotton to give the best of both materials. More niche options include lightweight, breathable linen and soft rayon.

Colours and Designs

Because of their easily-dyed materials and their casual status, boys’ T-shirts and other tops come in an almost limitless range of colours and designs. Dark colours are always popular with parents because they do not stain or show dirt as easily as lighter shades, while kids tend to like bright, bold colours. Patterns like stripes or dots are another wardrobe staple for kids and provide an easy way to brighten up an outfit. Kids’ shirts also often feature printed designs or slogans. Licensed boys’ shirts are also common, featuring sports team logos or television or film characters.

Other Boys’ Clothing

Boys’ tops aren’t enough to complete an outfit by themselves. Boys’ jackets and coats provide an extra layer of warmth and protection on cold, wet or windy days. Kids tend to get cold more quickly than adults so it is often a good idea to layer up. Boys’ jumpers are another cold weather essential. Cotton or fleece sweatshirts and hoodies are a great option for kids as they are warm, comfortable and easy to clean. Like boys’ shirts, they also come in a wide range of colours and designs.