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Braided Fishing Line

Getting into fishing can be confusing and somewhat difficult. While its certainly easy to throw and line in and hope for the best, anyone who wants to be successful at fishing will need to do a little bit of research to get the hang of it. For some, that will mean hanging out with other people who fish, learning the tips and techniques they have learned over the years. For others, that will mean reading fishing books, or watching any of the plentiful fishing shows on television.

After research, there is the fishing equipment. While most fishing tackle boxes and bags will expand organically as the learner gets to grips with all the equipment needed, there are some basics that will be needed before any fish are reeled up from the depths. One such essential is fishing line. There are various types of fishing line to choose from, depending on the preference of the person fishing, and the type of fish being caught. Braided line - also known as braid fishing line - was one of the earliest type of fishing line used.

Benefits of Braided Line

Braided line gets its name from the fact that a braid of fibres is used to create the line. Traditionally, these were natural fibres such as cotton and linen, but today, man-made materials such as Dacron, Spectra or micro-dyneema are used. Why use braided lines? Braided line has better resistance to abrasion, making it a good choice when fishing on rocky terrain. Its also much thinner than fluorocarbon fishing line, making it ideal for deep sea fishing where plenty of line is needed. With little stretch in it, braided line is also very sensitive to fish bites, while its flexibility makes it easy to cast long distances. Now, time to buy! Check out eBay for an awesome range of fishing supplies, including braided line!