Sharpening your mind with brain teaser puzzles

Enjoy testing out your problem solving skills? Looking for a fun new challenge or stocking up your games room? Maybe it's time to think outside the box and search eBay for hundreds of fascinating brain teaser puzzles that will keep you guessing for hours, days or even weeks!

What are the best brands and most popular puzzles?

There are so many amazing brain teasers in the world for you to solve. BePuzzled brain teaser puzzles include Gear Shift, Buried Blueprints and loads of tricky hanayama puzzles in themes like S&S, G&G, box, loop, violin, flag, spiral, cricket and many more. Can you discover the secret to disconnecting all these hanayama brain teasers?

Rubik's brain teaser puzzles include the classic Rubik's cube, the game of Illusion, Eclipse, Hungarian double rings and some special _x001A_The Simpsons' games.

Still after more fun options for both adults and kids? Tey Schmidt metal brain teaser puzzles or Dayan magic cube puzzles in all sorts of interesting formations./p>

What condition can I buy brain teasers in?

Whether you want preloved favourites or brand new puzzles to use as gifts, you can find just about any popular or rare brain teaser and other classic toys for sale online.

What materials are puzzles made from?

Mind puzzles come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, so it's up to you to decide if you want a simple and durable plastic set, a delightful and delicate cardboard set, or a stylish and robust wood set. In other words, how special would you like your brain teaser to be and where is it going to live?