The Bold Sound of Brass Instruments

Did you know that if you stretch out the trombone, it would be over 9 foot long? Brass instruments such as the trumpet and trombone are known for creating classical pieces of music and they have valve openings which help the user to control the pitch and the sound. They are very versatile and it is the ideal instrument for you to learn if you are a beginner. If you are an expert, then professional models of trumpet and trombone are never hard to find on eBay.


The trumpet was often used as a call to war and it is very similar to the violin in the respect that it is the smallest member of its instrumental family. It has a very high pitch and it also has a very vibrant and bright sound as well. The modern-day trumpet has three valves and these are curved and bent into loops. A trumpet is played horizontally and you buzz your lips into the mouthpiece by pressing down on the valves in various combinations to change the pitch.

French Horn

The French horn's music is a larger brass instrument like the euphonium. It has over 18 feet of brass tubing. The sound of it is very loud but it also has the ability to produce very soft sounds as well. To play the French horn, you hold it with the bell curving down before you buzz into the mouthpiece. The French horn is a very iconic instrument and it can be used to play a huge range of music. It's also a suitable instrument for both beginners and experts.


The trombone is one of the only brass instruments that use a slide in place of a valve. A standard trombone has two U shaped pipes that are linked at both ends to form an S shape. One pipe slides into the other and this can either be shortened or extended. A trombone is able to produce the same pitch as the cello.