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Brateck TV Wall Mounts and Brackets

Brateck TV Wall Mounts and Brackets

Brateck TV wall mounts and brackets are an excellent method for mounting TVs. TV mounts save space and look great, while also being easy to install. Brateck TV wall mounts and brackets come in a range of sizes to fit all TVs and projectors.


TV mounts and brackets come in different types. Wall mounts and brackets are the most common for TVs, while ceiling mounts are best for projectors. Wall mounts come in fixed, tilt, lateral shift, swivel and full-motion designs. Fixed mounts simply attach the TV to the wall securely. Tilt mounts allow up and down tilting. Lateral shift mounts allow a fixed TV to be slid side to side. Swivel mounts allow the TV to be tilted from side to side. Full-motion mounts allow the TV to perform all of the above, as well as being extendable out from the wall. Some advanced mounts are motorised and remote controlled, though many are manual.


Most Brateck TV wall mounts and brackets are metal with a black anti-corrosion coating. The designs are minimalist and functional, as once the TV is secured, they are hidden.

How to Assemble

Brateck TV wall mounts and brackets can be affixed to most surfaces with appropriate tools. It is important that care is taken when positioning the mount, as an improperly affixed mount will tear free of the wall, damaging both your TV and your house. Use a stud finder to locate support beams within your wall and ensure your mount or bracket is firmly secured to them. Most brackets and mounts come with the screws, nuts and bolts necessary to attach them. If not, check the mounting holes’ diameter and purchase screws and bolts to fit that width. Ensure the screws are long enough to securely anchor the bracket to the wall. Remember the screws must be able to support the full weight of the mount and TV. Many mounts have an array of holes to guarantee the correct positioning of screws and bolts.

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