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Braun Men's Electric Shavers

Braun first began making electric shavers in 1950 with their S 50 razor, and since then their developments have come quite a long way. Modern variations of these grooming accessories include the Braun Series 5 or the Braun Series 7, which usually sells in a six-piece kit and uses their Sonic Technology to get a close shave than ever, but there are plenty of other options on offer with modern features that make grooming easier for men.

What Features Does An Electric Shaver Have?

Many consider the electric shaver to be a lot more efficient and practical than a traditional razor, and there is plenty that the Braun electric shaver range can achieve. Here are a few things you can expect from the Braun shaver:

  • Power options: Most Braun razors can operate with both battery and electricity, and some have the option for rechargeable batteries, too.
  • Different attachments: Braun makes their razors with separate attachments to suit the style of shave you want, including trimmers and foils. Some are for body hair and facial hair, and others just for facial grooming, so the range of attachments differs.
  • Wet and dry functions: With the option to use your razor in or out of the shower, you're given more possibilities for how you choose to groom.

The Benefits of Electric Shavers

Many people prefer to use electric shavers today rather than a standard razor, and this is due to the extra features they usually come with. These are just a few benefits you might find by choosing an electric razor made by Braun.

  • Closer shave: Newer models like the Braun Series 7 can come within 0.05 mm of your skin for a closer shave that you'll achieve with a razor alone.
  • Saves time: Braun creates technology like a one hour charging base and self-adjusting motors that allow you to shave quicker than ever.
  • Styling options: With all of the different attachments available you're able to create more looks with your head hair and facial hair than using just the one razor.
  • Portability: Most of the Braun range of electric razors comes with battery power so you're able to travel with it or shave on the run.