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Bread Makers

Take a break from store-bought bread, and bake whole wheat, French, or gluten-free bread however you fancy it with a bread maker. Small kitchen appliances, such as countertop mixers, food processors, and bread makers easily handle the kitchen grunt work for you in a fast and efficient manner, while you get all the praise for a job well done.

Size and Capacity

Choose the capacity and size of your bread maker according to the number of people in your home and how often you bake. Bread makers with a capacity of 500 grams to 1 kilogramme loaves are sufficient for a family of two or four. The 500 gram bread contains about eight slices of bread, while the 1 kilogramme size gets about 16 slices.


Wake up to warm, freshly-baked bread by taking advantage of the time-delay feature on the machine to start the baking process hours before you rise. Bread makers with alarms also let you know as soon as the baking is done, while those with a keep-warm function keeps it from cooling until you get to it. If you can't resist the temptation to peek at your baking loaf, look for bread makers with viewing windows, as opening the lid while baking may affect the baking process. Look for machines with fruit and nut dispensers if you bake sweet breads with sultanas and fruit a lot.

Programmable Options

Tailor the bread to your exact preferences with programmable options on the bread maker that include the type of bread you want to bake and crust control, for how dark or light you want the crust to be.

More Than Just Bread

Professional bread makers can make homemade doughs for pizza, pasta, and focaccia, as well as jams and preserves, cakes, baguettes, pastries, and non-yeast bread, such as banana bread. Other options include creating custom recipes or adjusting pre-programmed recipes for the keen chef.