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Breville Bread Makers

Breville Bread Makers

The brand name Breville is know for a host of kitchen gadgets. Their bread makers enable users to have control over the whole bread production process, allowing ingredient customisation and control over the baking itself. Baking your own bread can also save money, especially if you consume specialised breads on a daily basis. To choose the right Breville bread maker, pay close attention to the bread maker capacity and the special features offered by each model.

Bread Size

The amount of bread consumed in the household every day should be one of the main factors in choosing the most fitting bread maker. Producing more is not a problem, as the excess can be freezed, but you should make sure that the machine can produce at least the minimum required quantity. Breville bread models start at 500 gram loaf capacity, and go up to models producing 1250 gram loaves. As a general rule, 500 grams is the equivalent of 8 standard slices, and the largest available is a 20-slice loaf. Some Breville bread makers can even knead dough and bake bread in variable sizes.

Bread Type and Settings

All Breville bread makers can produce several types of bread. Pre-programmed options include cake and baguette settings, gluten free, crusty loaf, rapid bake and more, depending on the model. Make sure that the desired bread type is included in the specifications, or that at least customised settings can be applied. With a little knowledge and experimentation, combined with the customisation options available, the Breville bread maker can be tuned to produce a stunning variety of goodies. To accompany your Breville bread maker, and to make breakfast a work of art, consider investing in a Breville crepe maker.

Timing Makes it Perfect

Some Breville bread makers have advanced timer options that further expand the bread-making capabilities. If you like fruits, nuts or seeds in your bread, search for a model that allows programmed interruptions in the kneading cycle to add these ingredients at the proper time before baking. Timers can be used for delayed preparation as well. Advanced Breville models allow users to fill the machine with ingredients in the evening, and program it to start baking early morning so you can wake up to a freshly baked loaf of bread.