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Breville Kettles

Choosing a new tea kettle involves more than just finding one that matches your kitchen. The Australian company Breville understands that and that's why their kettles come with a range of designs and features, covering all use scenarios. Whether you drink tea, coffee or both, there's a Breville kettle that matches your preference and frequency of use.


You can find Breville kettles with stainless steel, glass and plastic bodies. The plastic models are more affordable and aim to cover the basics. Made from premium plastic, these models are safe to use and very quiet. They are equipped with an auto-off switch that turns off the heater when the water is boiling as well as a basic scale filter on top.

Breville Glass Tea Kettles

Breville glass tea kettles have a body that visibly combines German Schott Glass and stainless steel. They have some advanced features as well, including a power indicator which shows when the kettle is still active.

Breville Stainless Steel Tea Kettles

Breville stainless steel tea kettles come with dual glass visibility windows at both sides to make filling the kettle fast and easy. The stainless steel models are top-of-the-line and possess the most advanced features, including temperature control, additional safety switches and the "keep warm" function that allows you fast access to hot water at any time.

Variable Temperature Settings

One of the greatest features available on some Breville kettles is the variable temperature setting. Most kettles just heat water up to boiling temperature, but these advanced models allow you to set the bar a bit lower. If you are a green tea connoisseur, you will surely appreciate the option to heat water at 70-80℃, which is ideal for this specific tea. Coffee is also best made somewhere below boiling temperature, so a 90℃ setting could also come in handy if you can taste the difference.

Frequency of Use

When choosing a tea kettle, have in mind the number of cups you wish to prepare at a time. The standard size kettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres, which is the equivalent of 7 regular cups of tea. If you are just making tea for one or two people or use the "keep warm" function on your kettle, you might find yourself wasting a lot of energy. Breville has smaller, more compact models that might better serve your needs and save energy in the process.

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