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Breville Toasters

Breville is an Australian brand with a long history, which was founded in 1932 in Melbourne. Breville is known for producing quality small home appliances. Breville toasters feature a variety of settings and high-quality construction to ensure perfectly toasted foods every time. Shop the wide range of Breville toaster ovens and convection ovens to discover what makes Breville such a great choice for all toasting needs.

Cancel Button

Toast your bread to perfection with Breville toasters with a cancel button. The cancel button enables you to stop the toasting process at any moment and prevent burning your toast. The cancel button is elegantly designed, easy to access, and is operated with the push of a finger.

Lift and Look

Many Breville toaster models feature the innovative Lift and Look feature, enabling you to gently raise your bread from within the toaster and check whether it is toasted to your satisfaction. This feature is easily operated by hand and allows you to check your bread without interrupting the toasting process. If you want to toast for a little while longer, simply depress the lever. Some models also feature the “A Bit More” feature, with the push of a button you can toast for just a little while longer.

Sizes and Features

Breville toaster ovens come in a range of sizes to suit both individuals and families. Select from toasters that acoomodate 2 slices of toast or Breville toasters with four slices depending upon your needs. If you are a fan of fruit toast, you will love the Fruit Bread setting which is available on some models. Push the button and your fruit bread will be toasted to perfection, avoiding the risk of burning your toast. Everyone has to freeze bread from time to time, but you can get a great defrost result with Breville toasters with defrost options.

Durable Materials

Breville toasters come in both plastic casings and stainless steel casings, so you can be sure of the perfect match with your kitchen decor. Stainless steel is rust resistant and easy to clean, and is a popular choice for contemporary kitchens. White toasters are a cost effective option that look elegant and are also very durable. Stainless steel toasters also come in a wide range of colours, so you aren’t limited to just the standard brushed stainless colour. Choose from colours such as sour cherry, salted liquorice, royal champagne and blueberry granita to inject a splash of colour into your breakfast routine.

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