Breweriana and Beer Collectables

For as long as there has been beer to drink, there have been collectables for beer lovers to embrace. Whether it's usable items you can add to a home bar like beer glasses or a wine opener, decor or products you can use to brew beer at home, there are many ways to enjoy the various accoutrements that have to do with the hearty beverage that millions swear by. Rare items can be fun to find for fans of the suds, while some trinkets are just enjoyable to have on hand when friends stop over.

What Are Some Types of Beer Collectables?

Along with items like glasses and openers, there are numerous types of beer collectables to enhance any fan's collection of products. Grab a cooler to take your favourite brews on the go for the next tailgate party or add decorative items like bar signs made of neon or metal to your man cave, basement or home bar. If you create your own beer, add your own labels or create a cosy feeling in your bar by hanging breweriana clocks, posters or prints. Serving up frosty beers in collectable steins makes a statement, and bar towels are colourful and keep mess to a minimum.

What Are Some Features That Make Items More Collectable?

For serious collectors, there are some things to consider when adding beer collectables to your home bar. Items that were made in small quantities, such as advertising or promotional products that are hard to come by, tend to be more collectable than items you can purchase in mass quantities. Additionally, vintage breweriana or collectables make great additions to any collection. This includes everything from antique Jack Daniels posters to vintage bottle openers that enhance your home bar or game room. Souvenirs from special events, such as steins from the Melbourne Cup, are also good collectables.

What Are Some Vintage Breweriana Collectables?

Go back in time to get the good stuff, because vintage breweriana and beer collectables are pay dirt for some avid brew collectors. Some vintage or antique finds to look for include old-fashioned German beer steins or antique beer signs and advertisements, can or bottle openers and coasters, which are an affordable and fun item to collect and display. Antique glassware can add class and elegance to your bar area and includes vintage wine glasses, beer steins or cocktail glassware.