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Beer and Wine Making Supplies

Brewing your own beer or wine at home is easy, inexpensive, and fun. More often that not, it will produce a brew or taste far more surperior than what you buy in a bottle shop. If you fancy yourself a bit of a beer or wine connoisseur, you can get started on making your own beer and wine by buying the supplies you need online from eBay.

To begin your alcohol-making journey into beer, all you need is a brewing bucket, a bubbler, a siphon hose, priming sugar, yeast and caps. For the wine, you’ll naturally need grapes. The 10L Home Brew Kit is the easiest way to ensure you’re not missing any pieces. With a production rate of 1.5-2.0kg wine per time, it’s a fast way to make wine or beer. Above all, it is completely safe to heat it with an electromagnetic oven or gas oven.

You’ll also need a Malt Muncher to break up the ingredients and draw the grain better. With fully adjustable rollers to ensure an even crush, the hopper holds 3kg at one time, making it easy to make large amounts in the one go. Additionally, you can buy a 5 pack of Turbo Classic Yeast, whichmakes 5x 25L batches. For the best results, put in during the fermentation process.

If you are comparing the cost of homebrew to the cost of craft beers at a bottle shop, then homebrewing is actually quite cost effect. Shop online from eBay to get the best beer and wine making supplies in Australia. Buy outright or place a competitive bid against others to nab the best deals around town.