Bridal Accessories

Perfect your wedding day look with the dress of your dreams, a silver sixpence in your bridal shoe and bridal accessories that bring a dazzling polish to the ensemble. Select something that elevates your dress and you from an eye-catching collection of bridal accessories that include bridal belts and sashes that complement your gown, bridal hair accessories to adorn your tresses and the iconic wedding veils and tiaras, because nothing else announces the bride to all and sundry quite like they do.

Bridal Accessory Styles

Bridal accessories need to complement your wedding gown's style, its embellishments and the overall atmosphere you wish to create at your wedding. With big, big hair, a cascading flower bouquet and a full-length train, it's easy to draw comments for your '80s look. A seashell or flower crown to go with a subtly-beaded dress and barefoot sandals for a beach wedding reflect any boho bride's whimsical and romantic spirit. For the traditional bride in a heavily-embellished cathedral veil, diamond studs or pearl drop earrings make the perfect accents for her dramatic entrance.

How to Make Bridal Accessories Work for You

Always start with your wedding dress and work around it, picking up and dropping accessories as you see fit, from both the unbranded selection or from brands, such as Elegance by Carbonneau, Swarovski and Lillian Rose. Mull over accessories that emphasise your features instead of just opting for fashionable ones that may not. Create a cohesive look with the hair accessories, jewellery, belts and sashes as they need to work together for you to pull off a stunning look. For example, your veil needs to be the exact shade as your wedding gown. Remember to try the bridal dress and accessories on together before your big day to ensure that they match well together and suit your personality and style. Don't over-accessorise, taking into account that less is usually more.