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Preparing for a wedding can be exhausting. There are so many things to think about and plan – the venue, the reception, the menu, the flowers, the cars, the photographer, the celebrant, the bridesmaids, not to mention the dresses. Coordination is key. So why not start the day with fully-coordinated bridal robes that will feature in those all-important "morning of the wedding" photographs?

Colours, Patterns and Styles

Coordinated bridal robes come in all colours and materials so you can easily match them to your bridesmaids’ outfits or wedding theme. Or you could choose a colour to suit your mood or the season, bright colours or floral prints for summer and spring, pastels or natural colours for winter and autumn. With so many to choose from, there’s a colour for every conceivable taste.

The fabrics are usually soft and sensual, beautiful satins, silks, laces and voiles. The soft flowing robes made from these materials will make you look and feel like a queen as you prepare for the day, and have your hair and makeup done.

Whatever style are you after, there’s one for you. Short and silky; long and whimsical or even the classic white waffle bath robe can all be effective for the moring of your big day. They can also be customised with names or monograms, or labels identifying the roles – bride and bridesmaid – just to avoid confusion over who’s who.

If you are putting together a gift package for your girls, they make a lovely keepsake that can be worn again and again long after the occasion. Adding small accessories such as earrings or a bracelet can make your bridesmaids’ gifts extra special.

eBay is awash with so many beautiful styles and colours of bridal robes that will make your special day a day to remember for ever. Take a peek and choose your keepsake robes today.