Your big day is coming. The venue is booked. The celebrant is arranged. Flowers, cars, menus are all in place. The dream honeymoon is planned and paid for. All that’s left is the dress. Or dresses. The bridesmaids’ dresses!

First thing to consider: who is going to pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses? If that’s the bride, then she has total creative control. If each bridesmaid is being asked to pay for what they wear, it’s a bit more complicated. Keep in mind that the dress, like the wedding dress, may never be worn again, so costs need to be realistic. Specialty bridal shop prices are often inflated. Almost every price is inflated when the word wedding is floated! Just as the groomsmen often rent their suits, maybe this could be an option for the bridesmaids too.

How to Choose a Style That Suits Them All?

Next, before discussing what colours and styles are popular with all of them, find out which ones are definitely out. It makes it easier to work together if you’re all on the same page with no-no’s. Narrow down the options based on that. There are a lot of choices to make.

Make sure the dresses you choose will stand up to the rigours of the day. Give them a good test drive. There’s nothing worse than having to do last minute adjustments or suffering a malfunction on the day. Think about bras and undies and the way they may show through the dresses. It can get ugly. And some bigger girls just can’t do strapless.

Allow for changes in the ladies’ figures leading up to the wedding. If in doubt about sizes, go one more just in case. Keep them involved throughout the process. They will likely be happier about what they wear if they have as much input as possible along the way. We have plus-size dresses, petite dresses, tall dresses and more, so there is sure to be a dress that fits any body shape.

So, the ball is in your court. It’s your wedding but don’t become a bridezilla. Work together on colours and styles to choose the bridesmaid dress that best suits them all. Then you’ll all be happier on the day.