Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf Balls

If you’re looking to take your golfing game to the next level, it’s probably time to ditch the random balls from the sports shop and buy a quality product that’s tailored to your needs. Choosing the right ball can lower spin, increase your distance, reduce slicing and hooking, improve your putting game and helps you to get more height.

Getting Fitted

If you have never had your golf ball “fitted”, it’s time. You use your golf balls for every shot you take, so using the same product will help keep your game consistent. The most comprehensive golf ball fitting takes place on the court, where an expert follows you around and observes your game in order to decide what ball will suit you. However, for most players, that level of attention and detail is unnecessary. Bridgestone offers a simple diagnostic tool on their website called “find my ball” which asks questions to determine the best product for you to start with.

Why Bridgestone

Every ball is rated by its accuracy, feel and distance, to make it easy to prioritise the qualities that you are looking for in a ball. Bridgestone has balls specially designed for women, younger players and even offer custom balls if you are looking for a specific product. Bridgestone has been producing equipment since 1935, and are world leaders in the rubber industry and polymer science. They were founded by a golf player, and are the number one selling ball in Japan as well as being the ball of choice for many professional golfers.

Different Types

The two main materials that golf ball covers are made from are urethane and ionomer, which offer different qualities depending on what the user wants from their game. If you’re newer to the game, ionomer covers are probably the way to go. If you have experience and want to improve your game, a rubber cover could help. Bridgestone offer both basic varieties, in a range of compositions and styles. Bridgestone also offers low compression golf balls otherwise known as “soft” balls. Each type of ball comes in a range of highly visible colours, which can make finding and identifying your ball much easier.

Other Equipment

When you have found a brand that you trust, why not look further into the range of equipment that they stock. Bridgestone makes world-leading equipment used by professionals and amateurs at all levels. From gloves to golf clubs to golf ball markers, you can trust that your product has been designed over years of experience, in consultation with experts and tailored for golfers just like you.