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Inexpensive William Britains Toy Soldiers for Sale on eBay

William Britains toys soldiers are adored by adults and collectors alike. Whether you're a kid at heart or want to gift some vintage toys to your children, the William Britains line is ideal. eBay has used Britains soldiers and similar toys to suit all needs.

William Britains toy soldiers and other well-known manufacturers

Produced since 1893, William Britains toy soldiers are highly regarded by collectors due to extensive details of each set. The demand for Britains toy soldiers is also enhanced by the relative availability of these toy figures and the fact that each set is individually numbered. Collectors use these numbers to verify models, which are also highlighted extensively in detailed catalogs produced by the company. In 1966, the company ceased its operations, but the charm of Britains toy soldiers on eBay remains intact.

Another big name in the United Kingdom is John Hill & Company, which is known for the production of toy soldiers in real-life postures. The company was a major rival to Britains toy soldier and formed by its former employee. eBay listings often include toy soldiers from John Hill & Company, which will match the quality and the theme of Britains product. Other U.K. manufacturers that will complement figures from W. Britains include Rose Miniatures, Charles Stadden, Barclay, and Barclay Manoil.

What factors can affect a toy soldier's value?

The value of any old Britains toy soldiers for sale is mainly based on its condition, manufacturer, and age.

  • Condition: Any toy figure, including Britains lead soldiers on eBay, will demand a high price if its in the original case or only used for display purposes. These products will generally be in better condition.
  • Manufacturer: It's important to make sure that old Britains toy soldiers are verified. If the name of the manufacturer is inscribed, this provides verification. The same is true for toy figures from Marx, Charles Stadden, Timpo, Rose, Trico, Minikins, or John Hill.
  • Period: Collectors will usually prefer a toy soldier from a specific era. If you're a collector, make sure that your toy soldiers will match the theme and period of your collections.
What is hollow-casting?

Prior to the Britains toy soldiers, most figures were built from tin and other inexpensive materials. William Britain revolutionized the industry by introducing mass-produced toys using hollow-casting. It is a technique where molten lead is poured into a mold. A small opening in the mold allowed the excess led to escape, which made the finished figure hollow. The resulting hollow-casting design was much cheaper and lighter than previous designs.