Looking for a compact bike that fits easily into a small space? Browse our range of Brompton foldable bikes on eBay today! 

Looking for a bike that gets you from A to B, but don't have enough space in your apartment building to store it? Let Brompton come to the rescue with their great selection of foldable bikes that make storing in a small space a breeze. Originating from London, the Brompton bike was designed for city cycling, as they fold into neat little packages that can easily fit into an apartment, or be carried onto buses and trains. 

You can choose a bike that meets your exact needs by customising the features to suit. Choose from short, medium, or high handlebars, depending on your own height requirements. And you can choose up to six gears, depending on how hilly your environment is. You can also choose between a rear rack or no rear rack. 

The small wheel size is another advantage for the city, as they give easy acceleration and manoeuvrability, which is great for busy roads. The longer-than-usual seatpost offers superior suspension and makes the bike comfortable over long distances, and makes the bike quick and easy to fold when you're done riding. 

Not quite what you were looking for? You can shop more Brompton bikes by looking at our selection of Brompton bikes, or browse our range of Brompton bike components and parts. All are available online today. 

With such a great range of customised models to choose from, you're sure to find the right Brompton foldable bike for you on eBay.