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Bronica Camera Lenses

Bronica Brand Lenses Synonymous with Precision

Japanese company Zenza Bronica began production of their highly respected camera and camera lenses in the 1950s. The brainchild of Zenzaburō Yoshino, son of a Japanese rice merchant, they quickly became a huge success. Yoshino was passionate about his vision for the ideal modular camera with interchangeable lenses. In 1998 Bronica was bought out by Tamron largely because of their lens-making expertise.

The ETR Camera System

Even today, the Bronica ETR camera is a great option for those looking to get into medium format or 120 mm film photography. The Bronica camera is still sought-after today because of its simple to use style and affordability compared to other brands.


In its heyday, one of the big attractions of the ETR camera system was the ability to change lenses. They are available from the 30 mm fisheye, all the way up to a 500 mm telephoto. There are even some zoom lenses and macros to add to your kit, though these are often expensive due to their rarity.

So, Bronica lenses can be used for everyday street or landscape photography, as well as portrait work. They are quite sturdy, built to withstand the rigours of everyday amateur or professional use. They come in an attractive carrying case for protection and the finish and interchangeable fit to the camera body is snug and top-notch.

One of the most valued qualities of a Bronica lens is the sharpness of its focus. This is especially noticeable when shooting transparencies (slide film). The colours are intense, and there is next to no distortion.

Overall, the conclusion of keen photographers is that these lenses are impressive and produce exceptional images. Back in its day, it competed well against the likes of Pentax and Hasselblad. Though the ETR system is no longer in production thanks largely to the encroachment of the digital camera, there are still plenty of fans who seek them out for their simplicity and excellent image production.