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Brooks Men's Athletic Shoes

Men's sports shoes do not solely support the feet while doing sports, but they also provide comfort when walking around. Brooks makes athletic shoes mainly with running in mind, but there are also models for everyday wear. Picking a pair of Brooks casual shoes is not very hard, but you do need to select the athletic shoes carefully to maintain your health.


The first question you need to ask yourself when selecting between pairs of Brook's cross training shoes is what you are going to do when wearing them. Running shoes are lighter and more flexible than trail shoes that feature a patterned sole to prevent you from slipping. Competition shoes are a whole different story altogether, being very lightweight and giving your feet the extra spring. Brooks walking shoes are probably the heaviest of them all.


One of the most important shoe characteristics is the amount of support your feet require. If your body retains the alignment naturally, neutral shoes do the trick for you. However, if your ankles, knees, or hips tend to overpronate, you require more support to keep the preferred alignment. The supportive athletic shoes are a bit bulkier, but they help to keep injuries away from you by correcting your stride.


All models of Brooks running shoes come in several colour combinations. You may opt for a subtle grey or black athletic shoe that makes you look like a kickass runner or go with a cheerful pair of blue, red, or green sneakers. Men's shoes are typically modest in terms of colour choice, but the Brooks collection does have some more daring options as well. Try the Asteria, Ravenna 8, or Hyperion, for instance.

New Pair

Getting new running shoes frequently is vital if you want the best for your feet. Keep a training log and replace your old Brooks trainers after 300 to 500 miles, depending on the amount of wear. Once the uppers have holes in them and the soles are so worn you cannot see the pattern anymore, it is already too late. It is best to buy two pairs of the same shoe and wear them on alternating days, so the shoes can "rest" in between and restore their shape.