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Brother Printers

Brother Printers

Product innovation is the name of the game. For over a century, Brother has been growing and changing with the technology of the day. When it comes to computer printers, the market has a wealth of monochrome, colour, home, and professional models; whatever you are looking for, Brother has the machine for you.

Cut the Wire

A Brother wireless printer makes printing from anywhere as easy as pressing enter. Pair your computer and unit to make your work life easier. Its also a great feature for home printing. Kids can print school reports from their rooms, and mom can run off her coupons without having to get up from her comfy chair. Students can print their papers without having to over clutter desks with limited space.

Connect and Print

Connect a Brother Ethernet RJ 45 computer printer to the Internet for networking. Many businesses like to have employees share a printer, which means the printing equipment must be connected to the Internet in order to allow everyone access.

Laser vs Inkjet

The result is pretty much the same whether you use a Brother laser printer or an inkjet one. Your decision comes down to location and space. Laser technology prints faster, but the machines tend to be larger and more businesses oriented. Inkjet is the technology you commonly use for casual printing from your home because the cost and size of the unit are smaller than laser models.

Thermal Print

Just as the name suggests, thermal printers use heat to print on the paper. The biggest advantages to using this type of equipment are that the printing process does not use ink and the mechanism is durable and straightforward. Therefore, maintenance just means changing the paper. Novelty shops find its easy to print custom photos or graphic designs to put on coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other items.