Brush Hair Dryers

A brush hair dryer, also known as a blow-dryer brush, is a combination brush and hairdryer. It is a relatively new entrant to the hairstyling market, providing the convenience of not having to handle two pieces of equipment. While the product looks like a normal brush, it has the ability to blow out hot air as the hair is being styled.

Brush hair dryers have become very popular among professional hairstylists as they free up one hand and generally make the process go faster.

Buyer’s Guide

Barrel Size: The diameter of the barrel on the majority of brush hair dryers is between 2.5-5.0 cm (1-2 inches). The thicker and more voluminous your hair is, the larger the diameter size you will require.

Barrel Type: Barrels that are made from ceramic materials are the sturdiest and the best conductors of heat. Some barrels will infuse particles of the semi-precious stone Tourmaline into them as this has been shown to improve heat distribution.

Heat Settings: Look for a brush hair dryer that offers multiple settings. Most brushes will provide at least two settings. The more expensive models will even provide a window to display the temperature. You should be aware that some brush hair dryers have pre-set temperatures. This can be a time-saver but it also limits the ability to customize the heat settings to the user.

Bristle Type: The heat that is generated from the brush hairdryer is transmitted to the hair through the bristles. As a result, the material that the bristles are made from must be heat resistant. If you have short hair, look for fine, short bristles. People with thick hair will want a coarser bristle.

Grip: Look for a brush hair dryer that features an ergonomic grip that will fit naturally into your hand. It should also include anti-slip features.

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