Bubble Cushioning Wrap

Bubble Cushioning Wrap

Bubble wrap is the standard in shipping breakable products or items that are sensitive to shock. How do you now which bubble cushioning is the one for you? As a basic rule, heavier items need protection from wraps with small sized bubbles, while lighter packages need the larger bubbles. No matter what you are sending, make sure it arrives in one piece without any bumps, dents, or cracks.

Protection at Its Best

When it comes to packing materials, never settle. You want to use heavy duty bubble cushioning wrap to ensure your precious cargo reaches its destination in perfect condition. Keeping your packing material at high quality means you are keeping your valuables the safest they can be.

Good for the Environment

Recycled and biodegradable bubble cushioning wrap is a good way to protect your products while protecting the environment. Another way to be green is to reduce, reuse, and recycle the wrap; dont toss it after one use. As long as the bubbles are still intact, you can get another use out of it.

Large Rolls for Multiple Uses

Large rolls are available, so you always have enough wrap on hand to get your packages boxed up and ready to ship. Choose a 500 mm by 100 m roll, or if that is too big, go with a smaller 400 mm by 40 m roll. The length and width size for you depends on your shipping needs and the size of the merchandise that needs wrapping.

Big or Small, Wrap It All

The size of the item doesnt matter; there is a bubble wrap for you. To make life easier, pick out products that have a perforated line for quick tearing. Self-sealing bubble envelopes are ideal for small items that you dont want to see lost in a big box, but they provide the same protection and durability.