Fun bubble toys to kick-start any kids party

There is nothing more fun than chasing bubbles in the air as they rise and escape around the garden. From bubble wands and blaster guns to bubble machines that blow bubbles all around the garden. No matter what your age, there is an outside toy to suit everyone's bubbling needs.

Bubble Wands

By combining soap and water, bubble wands allow you to create bubbles for hours on end. Dip your wand into the mixture and wave it around to create lots of bubbles all around you. Perfect for party bags, why not buy packs of small bubble toys to share with friends.

Create extra large-sized bubbles with bubble wands like the Gazillion Giant Power Bubble Wand and the Incredibubble where you fill the tray with bubble solution, dip in the wand, and wave the wand to create huge bubbles to chase and pop.

Bubble Machines

Powered by batteries or from a wall plug there is a huge range of robust bubble machines to choose from. The power motorises the bubble machines so they dip their rotating wands into a soap and water solution, and then blow air through the wands to create a stream of bubbles.

The Gazillion bubble machine boasts more than 500 bubbles a minute, flooding the immediate area with numerous, spherical bubbles to delight in. Most bubble machines come with additional refill solution, but it is easy to purchase on its own.

You can find some bubble machines in the shape of toys, for example a lawnmower which blows out bubbles as your child mimics you cutting the grass. Bubble machines are great fun for parties, and being easily portable are handy to take on trips to the park with friends to help keep the kids entertained.

You can even buy machines that produce bubbles with scents, colours and flavours, which really add a different element to a birthday party surprise.