Survive the outdoors with your trusty Buck knife

Every single Buck knife is built with over 110 years of craftsmanship experience. Founded in 1902, the extensive experience of Buck has taught them to use only the best materials and highly regarded technology to build their knives. Buck has a huge selection to choose from. Each knife they produce has been designed and engineered with time and precision.

Each stainless steel knife has perfected strength, with the promise of your blade holding its edge as its made with heat-treating. This type of tempering makes it easy to sharpen, too. Buck believe in individual style alongside quality. They have customisable designs so that you can create your perfect tool.

Shop by purpose

Buck knives are available in a range of styles, for a variety of purposes. From hunting knives and fishing to everyday cutlery.

If youre into fishing and hunting, try the customisable 112 ranger knife. Made in the USA, this is a classic tool. With easy opening and soft closing, this lock back design is reliable and great for hunting rabbits and other small animals. Customise both the handle and the blade to create your own masterpiece. For fishing, try the Mr. Crappie Slab Slinger.

If youre looking for classic Buck survival knives, look no further. The Selkirk line offer folding and static knives. Simplistic and lightweight, this range is great for general outdoor use. Even shop for knives that come with fire starters and whistles for a true survivors accessory.

Shop for reputed Buck knives

The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is renowned across the world. This American knife changed the industry with its folding and locking mechanism. This system has become famous and is copied by many brands across the world. The 110 Hunter is a best seller across the globe and is constantly one of Bucks highest selling products. Its known for its reliable and durable nature. This handcrafted knife is said by some to be the best knife on the market.