Buff headwear for all the elements

Buff is the original brand for multipurpose headwear. Originating in Spain, a keen motorcyclist recognised a need for a garment that could be worn to replace separate items for the neck and head, whilst riding to fight against the elements. Buff headwear has evolved to become used by millions of people across the globe.

The garments produced by Buff can be worn as a facemask, scarf, bandana, headband, hat or even a wristband. These versatile tube scarfs are designed to give optimum comfort in one solution.

The original Buff ways to wear

Shop for the Original Buff for a versatile garment. This product is completely seam-free, meaning that it can never fray or come undone. It's made with microfibre so it's breathable, which is great for hot and cold conditions, all year round. Simply place around the neck for a scarf option, and pull up over the nose for a facemask that you can breathe through.

Even pull the mask up around the back of your head, covering the nose too for a full face balaclava. This is ideal for freezing conditions, protecting your skin from the hot sun, or lining your head for your helmet. Simply pair with goggles when riding your bike or skiing.

In the summer months, wear your buff on the top of your head to keep the sun from your scalp. The rest of the material will also hang down the back of your neck to offer protection from UV rays here too, great for the Australian summer heat or for use as fishing headwear. Also, pull up just around the forehead for a simple headband. The possibilities really are endless.

Mix and match

Opt for a Buff hat and original buff scarf design and have matching garments for optimum cover from the elements. Mix and match designs to suit your style and outfit on any day. Available in merino wool and microfibre designs, you can find what you're looking for and even mix materials.