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Got one to sell?

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Brilliant Bugles

The bugle was once at the forefront of a military parade, but now more and more people are choosing to play the bugle as their instrument of choice. The most interesting thing about the bugle is that it doesn't have any valves or any pitch altering tuning keys. The pitch is solely controlled by the player's own embouchure. It is also very limited with notes, as it can only play notes that are within the harmonic series. The bugle was originally developed and shaped like an animal horn, but it was soon used for announcements and even to show royalty.

Bugle Parts

Interestingly enough, the bugle is a very simple instrument. It is also relatively easy to learn as all you have to do is blow through the tube at different forces in order to create a sound. If you want to buy your kids an instrument that they are not going to give up in a week's time then this is certainly the right choice for you. The bugle is available in so many different colours and some of them even come with engraved or even imprinted designs. This alone helps to make each one stand out from the crowd, while also giving you the chance to customise your own musical experience. Bugles come in brass, gold, silver and even mixed colours. It isn't uncommon to see them with tassels and badges.

The Curvature of the Bugle

The bugle is known for having a varied curve on the inner piping. This piping can be circular, rectangular or even slightly twisted for added comfort. Some also have multiple layers of piping, while others only have a single layer. The one you choose will entirely depend on your own experience playing the instrument, and how confident you feel in your own playing style. Once you have found a bugle that meets your needs, there really is no turning back!

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