You don't need a gym with Bullworker

Bullworker have been redefining fitness since 1962. They produce exercise accessories to assist in resistance workouts, allowing everyday people to achieve their fitness goals. Passionate about being able to train wherever you are, they create portable products, allowing you to take the gym with you. Here on eBay, you'll Bullworker products. They make great additions to your strength training and home gym equipment.

Bullworker Bows

The Bow Classic is 36 inches of pure strength. Bullworker barbells and attachments work to develop your muscle strength and power, perfect for sculpting your back, chest and abs. It's also a great tool for strengthening your legs and shoulders. This one simple device offers so much.

The classic bow is ideal for strength training, whether you're in the gym or at home. Bullworker recommends isometric exercise holds, 7 seconds at a time as a great way to engage your muscle and see a change in your fitness. It is said that this method can be more effective than lifting weights as it uses more muscle mass.

The Steel Bow is smaller, measuring in at 20 inches. Its compact design offers a more versatile product when compared with the classic bow. With this tool, you can target muscles and it's easier to travel with too. Bullworker recommends similar exercise use as above, using the grip handles to engage your muscles. This tool is great for quick fat burning on the go.

Other Bullworker products

The Bullworker Iso-Bow is a small strap device, designed to aid stretches. This can help with your flexibility, and also offer effective resistance as part of your training. The Iso Bow can be great for releasing tension and lowering stress levels. Overall, it's a good tool to use to improve your mental health through physical exercise, relieving pain gently and with your control. This bow is recommended for use when recovering from training injuries especially.

If you're looking for a combination of products, shop for the Bullworker Pro System for all products in one neat set.