Bumblebee Transformers & Robot Action Figures

Bumblebee Transformers and Robot Action Figures

Children of all ages should be encouraged to use their imaginations, but that doesn’t mean the toys they play with have to be low-tech. Bumblebee is everyone’s favourite Transformer hero, and his action figure comes in solid designs for young children, right up to technical robotic figures and collector’s items.


Children as young as 3 can imagine themselves saving the world with the Transformer rescue bots. These action figures feature a removable compartment in the chest for the “command centre”, and have a moveable head, arms and legs. The hide and roll out Bumblebee vehicle and figure offer a small, chunky Bumblebee figure and a car can be placed inside, which is perfect for little fingers.

Young Children

Transformers are fun to change from car to robot and back again. “The Last Knight” 1 step turbo-changer Bumblebee figure converts from robot to car and back again in one easy step that’s suitable for children over the age of 5. Tiny Turbo Changers Series 1 are another fun option for relatively small hands - they come in blind bags so you’re never sure exactly which Transformer you will get, but Bumblebee is the one to look out for! These small, inexpensive figures convert from robot to car in 3 easy steps.

Older Children

Transformers has everything an older child could want - heroes saving the world, cool cars, robots and lots of action. With their own Bumblebee action figure they can recreate battles, transform the car into a robot and back again, or simply display the figure in their room. Older children might also enjoy Bumblebee action figure accessories like extra guns and “ion blasters” to help fuel their imaginations.

Collector’s items

For true collectors for whom price is no issue, functionality is not as important as condition and collectability. The price often depends on the items age and rarity. For example, original Bumblebee toys from the year 1980 - 2001 are available through private sales for thousands of dollars. Other rarities are set collections that remain in their boxes in pristine condition or Transformers action figure robots and vehicles from the first movie series. If you’re intending to hold and play with your Bumblebee action figure, a collector’s item is probably not your best option. Go for an action figure that has been taken out of the box and is in less pristine condition, or otherwise buy modern examples.