Give your baby a boost with Bumbo

Bumbo offers an array of baby and toddler products from floor seats to step stools. Bumbo floor seats have become particularly popular across the world. Since this, the brand has evolved to include a range of baby and kids products.

Bumbo Cares is a non-profit branch of the Bumbo International company, founded in 2008. Profits are fed into uplifting disadvantaged children in the Pretoria North community, from meals to sports coaching. Know that when you buy with Bumbo, youre contributing to something good.

Bumbo floor seats

The floor seat was the first Bumbo product released to the baby furniture market. The babysitter is a neatly designed floor seat for babies who cant yet sit up on their own. This patented design helps the baby to sit up, giving them the confidence to eventually sit free of their Bumbo chair. The Bumbo is comfortable, with a built-in harness to support your baby. Its also easy to clean too.

Bumbo accessories

Pair your classic Bumbo floor seat with a Bumbo play tray. Great for feeding time, your baby can develop their fine motor skills by using their hands with their food. This attachment fits neatly into your existing Bumbo seat, creating a surface for food or play with toys. Super easy to clean and attach too, its a perfect addition.

Other Bumbo products

It doesnt just stop at the floor seat. Shop for the ergonomically shaped changing mats for the easiest clean solution on the market. When your little one is ready to begin potty training, the Bumbo Step ‘n Potty is a great product. If youre just looking for a footstool, go for the Bumbo step stool. Great for your kid when starting to wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Bumbo recommends to never leave your bubba unattended when using any Bumbo baby furniture, and strongly recommends for their seats to be used only as floor seats and never at a height.