Making the Most of a Sticky Situation

Bundaberg rum, or Bundy rum as locals call it, isnt just a drink - its an Australian icon, with a history that speaks volumes about the pioneering spirit of the Australian people. Described by the marketing folks as a drink that is as distinctive as Australians are, Bundaberg rum is a favourite among Aussie rum drinkers. Indeed, some think of it as their national nectar.

So, where does this national nectar come from exactly? Up in Queensland, Bundaberg has long been known for its sugar cane production. But, while sugar was an excellent export, Bundabergs sugar mills found that in the sugar refinery process, they ended up with an over-supply of waste molasses. This sticky waste product was too heavy to transport, and was simply no good for anything but distilling. The solution? Distil it!

Turning a waste product into a feature product, Bundaberg started distilling its own rum in 1888, bringing smiles to the faces of all rum lovers who sampled it. Today, Bundy rum is popular both in Australia and overseas, with fans of the rum visiting the original Bundaberg rum distillery as a tourist attraction, and stocking up on Bundy merchandise featuring the famous Bundy bear, as well as the rum itself.

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