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Bushnell Binoculars

Bushnell Binoculars

Binoculars, also known as field glasses, are built of telescopes attached side by side and adjusted to point in the same directions to enable the user to view distant objects using both eyes. They usually have varying magnifications. Common hand held binoculars have magnifications ranging from 7x to 10x to accommodate clear viewing even with shaky hands. Bird watching, military applications and sea patrol are some activities that require the use of binoculars. Amongst the many binoculars manufacturers, Bushnell is probably the best.


For decades, Bushnell has been a world leader in creating quality binoculars that provide an unparalleled view of the world. Bushnell binoculars apply ultra-low dispersion lenses that allow you to view the full spectrum of colours and focus on anything. XTR technology that applies 60 layers of coatings on each prism enables maximum harnessing and optimisation of available light. This feature is seen in Bushnell fully multi-coated binoculars Over the years, the company has redesigned its original binoculars and introduced new categories in its line-up to keep up with trends.


Bushnell engineers understand that clarity without durability will not satisfy the needs of their customers. Some people, a good example being soldiers, use binoculars in rugged terrains where rock and sand are the main ground surfaces, therefore, using the right material determines whether the binoculars gets damaged after a fall. Bushnell binoculars have well thought out designs and builds. The exterior is made out of the best possible material, such as T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminium. Bushnell coated binoculars are a good example of how clarity and durability fit in together to give consumers the best experience. After development, each binoculars is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets all the company’s high standards which go beyond typical industrial testing.


Bushnell integrates technology that assists viewers to focus and get a measure of distance and other important parameters. For instance, the company’s effort to introduce the laser rangefinder category is an indicator of how much the company embraces new technology and finds a way to apply it to binoculars to provide consumers with an even better experience. Clearshot, Variable Sight-In (VSI), vivid display and EXO barrier are some of the technologies applies in Bushnell binoculars and monoculars, especially in sniper rifles.