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Bushnell Golf Rangefinders & Scopes

Bushnell Golf Rangefinder Scopes

There are a lot of aspects to the game of golf that you can only overcome with practice, practice, and more practice, but other things have been made easier by technological advances. For instance, landing a ball exactly where you want it to be over 500 meters is a rare skill acquired only after many thousands of hours of practice, but knowing the difference between that 500 meters and a 600 meter drive is something you can easily find out using a Bushnell golf rangefinder scope. Bushnell is a company that provides market-leading sporting optics ranging from rifle scopes to powerful binoculars and, of course, range finders.


Most rangefinders for golf or other purposes work by means of a laser. The device features a viewfinder that you look through to train the device on the object that you want to measure distance to, such as the base of a flagstick on the golf course. The laser will hit the object and bounce back, and so by determining how long it takes for the light to be interrupted and bounced back, the device determines range. Other golf rangefinders will make use of a standardized size in flagstick. You align two measurement points with the base and top of the stick, and the device will work out how far away the flagstick is. These types of rangefinders will often also have a general mode that you can use off of the golf course. The last type of rangefinder is the GPS rangefinder, which uses GPS to triangulate relative positions and provide you with a distance that way. Bushnell primarily produces laser and GPS rangefinders.

Other Accessories

Along with rangefinders, golf ball markers can help you find and keep your place on the golf course. A range of other golf accessories can provide technological solutions to problems that aren’t the sort of problem one is necessarily meant to overcome on a golf course, such as special glasses that help you locate your golf ball. Besides rangefinders, Bushnell also produces binoculars that you may find helpful while competing or spectating in a game of golf.