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Bushnell Rangefinder Scopes, Optics and Lasers

In certain sports like golf, competitive shooting and hunting knowing the distance to a target is crucial. Hunting rangefinders use laser beams to determine actual and calculated distances to help with these activities and as such, Bushnell rangefinder scopes, optics and lasers are essential tools when out hunting.

What Functions Come With Bushnell Rangefinders?

Hunting scopes, optics and lasers often come with special technical functions and range modes, such as:

  • Bow Mode: Useful for archery, this mode uses angle range compensation (ARC) to provide adjusted distance readings to account for the effects of gravity on an arrow.
  • Rifle Mode: This mode factors in bullet-drop and holdover for competitive rifle shooting to provide a more relevant reading.
  • Clearshot Technology: This special function identifies potential obstructions between your line of sight and arrow arc.

What Are Some Design Features of Rangefinder Scopes?

As outdoor hunting equipment, there are plenty of different design features, including:

  • Magnification: In order to properly sight your target, rangefinder scopes feature optical magnification generally with between 4x - 7x magnification.
  • Waterproof: Both hunting and golf rangefinders come with degrees of weather and waterproofing.
  • Tripod Mount: Rather than being handheld, certain scopes are designed so they can be fixed to a tripod.