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Business Paper Products

Even in an increasingly digital age that has many businesses striving to have paperless offices and environments, many people use paper products and stationery in tandem with electronic devices to make the best of the features of both, while avoiding screen fatigue. There are various types of business paper products that offer value in a workplace in terms of helping with productivity, efficiency and record keeping.

How Can Paper Products Help With Productivity?

Visual aids around an office are known to help with productivity. Whether you use scheduling planners or print out and display your companys overall mission and value statements or latest results, placing these in view of employees helps with motivation. Some of these include:

  • Weekly Planner: Whether you need to manage your own time or that of a bigger team, a weekly, monthly or annual planner as a wall planner or on your desk gives you a strong visual image of what needs doing, and when so you can stay on track.
  • Notepad: Paper notepads are pretty much a staple if you need to jot down notes at a meeting, write a to-do list, or take notes while youre on the phone. The advantage of tear-off writing pads is that you can always keep the top page current. With a spiral bound notepad, you have a trail of pages to go back on.
  • A4 Paper: Reams of A4 paper still appear in offices worldwide. A4 paper is the stock standard size for photocopier and printer paper and available in multiple colours and qualities to suit your different business presentation requirements and needs.

How Can Paper Products Help with Efficiency?

Paper products can help with efficiency when you need to write down quick tasks. Some of these include:

  • Notebooks: Paper notebooks are versatile for many types of business situations. Do you have a new trainee or inductee? Give them a hard copy notebook for them to record and refer to their need to know information that isnt covered by your formal policies. Struggling with creativity? Have a notebook at your side to jot down ideas pen and paper style as they happen.
  • Sticky Notes: Sticky notes and notebook memo pads are an organizers best friend. You can use them to flag pages in a hard copy book or formal report, to brainstorm and curate ideas, as reminders and memory joggers, or to claim the contents of your lunch in the work kitchen fridge!