Business Shop Signs

Every office, business or shop needs signs to promote their presence in a mall, shopping street or business park. If customers cant find you, then they are going to look for alternatives.

What Different Kinds of Signs Can I Choose From?

There are a few different options you can choose from. The right business sign will depend on where you want to put it and what its purpose will be.

  • LED: LED signs are excellent for nighttime use to promote discounts. An LED open sign will let customers know you are open for business.
  • Flag: A flag sign is a great way to draw attention as they flutter in the breeze. You can use this kind of sign at trade events or as street advertising. They come with either pegs to stick into grass or a flat base.
  • A-board: Also known as a sandwich board, you can put an A-board shop sign on the footpath outside your shop. Often these boards have a blackboard or whiteboard finish so you can communicate different messages with potential customers such as words of wisdom, daily deals or inviting them in for a drink or meal.

Why Do I Need Signs for My Business?

Unless you have signs, nobody is going to know about your business. Shop signs and office signs can serve multiple uses, including:

  • To show your business name: Your business name should stand out when people look at your shop.
  • To promote sales: If you have a sale on, people are not going to know about it unless you advertise. You can have signs outside and inside your shop to let customers knows what kind of deals they can get.
  • To show you are open or closed: Having open and close signs are a good way to let your customers know that you are open for business and when you are closed. These signs can either have the words open and close, or could also list your opening times for each day.
  • To attract attention: You can attract attention to your shop by placing signs out on the street, down the road or at traffic lights.