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CB radio antennas to keep you in range

A CB antenna is necessary to send and receive CB (Citizen's Band) radio signals. Most of these are vehicle or base-station mounted units with a connector for a cable which is attached to a large dipole antenna. Handheld units have integrated antennas, but do not normally have the same range of a mounted CB antenna, as these allow for a higher signal to noise ratio and therefore, a higher dBi (decibels relative to isotropic) signal. As CB transmitters are typically limited to certain amount of watts, highly efficient dipole areal antennas are one of the best ways to boost both transmission and reception range.

Whip-Style CB Radio Antennas

When it comes to vehicle-mounted "whip" CB antennas, most people choose either a stainless steel or fibreglass model.

Fibreglass CB radio antennas typically come in lengths from approximately two to seven inches. The antenna wire is spiral wound around a fibreglass rod, and the whole thing is coated in weatherproof plastic. The coil itself is usually located at or near the top of the antenna "whip". They tend to be quite durable, and very easy to mount. They are often preferred for off-road use because they hold up well to all kinds of abuse. However, they often don't deliver as much range as a similarly sized stainless steel antenna.

Fiberglass CB antennas are the go-to choice for whip. Stainless steel CB antennas can bend, of course, and spring back to shape quite well. Nonetheless, due to metal fatigue and their tendency to lose their shape when bent too far. They may also require special mounting brackets, such as a ‘bull bar' type. On the other hand, they provide excellent range, and are very popular for that reason.

UHF CB Radio Antennas

UHF radio antennas, otherwise known as Ultra-High Frequency, require their own type of antenna. UHF radio signals would be typically used in point-to-point communication, such as walkie-talkies or two-way radios. There are a variety of UHF CB radio antennas on eBay, to suit all of your needs.