CB Radios

CB Radios

CB radios, or citizen’s band radios, are still a popular choice for travelers of all types. Whether it’s offroading, truck driving or boating, a CB radio can keep you connected where a mobile phone may not. The needs of a trucker and a recreational radio communication user are quite different, so choosing the right device is important.


The range of transmission of a CB radio depends on the strength of the frequency you are using, the structures (natural and manmade) the signal has to pass around and through and the size and strength of the antenna. ANL reduces background noise, improving the sound quality. Most CBs have plenty of channels, including an emergency channel, so sharing a channel isn’t necessary if you’re looking for privacy.


To best experience your CB radio, you will want to pay attention to its features. Squelch control prevents constant static when there are no messages coming in. A backlit display, LED or LCD screen provides easier viewing, particularly in low-light settings. AM CB radios are typical, but CB radios with FM mode allow you to listen to FM channels like you would with your traditional radio. Some models even pair with a mobile app to further expand its functionality. There are external speaker jacks, range extenders and so many other features to enhance your radio communication capabilities.

Types of CB Radios

Knowing what and where you plan on using your CB radio is important when choosing a device. If you’ll be using it in a tractor trailer, look for something with secure mounting, a stronger antenna and squelch control. When buying for a smaller vehicle, compact devices may be more convenient. For hiking or camping, a handheld device is an excellent option so that you’re not weighing yourself down unnecessarily.


There are many brands that offer quality CB radios. Oricom, GME and Uniden are just a few of them. Some brands have specialised features and technology. For instance, GME has ScanSuite to help you scan frequencies in the blink of an eye. Look for rugged Australian devices to be sure that yours will stand up to the outback.