CD, DVD and Blu-ray Duplicators

Copy discs effortlessly with the right equipment. CD, DVD and Blu-ray duplicators make it easy for you to quickly copy content from discs onto your computer's hard drive or a blank disc. Available in many formats and brands, duplicators put functionality at your fingertips, and allow you endless possibilities to create and edit your own media from existing sources.

Simulate Songs

Choose CD-R duplicators for copying music CDs. These come in a couple of formats, including CD-R copiers, which simply copy one time, or CD-RW, which means you can copy over existing content more than one time. CD writers install into your computer tower, or you can purchase external burners to plug into your computer. Depending on how many CDs you need to burn, you can purchase rewriters with one slot or up to ten spaces for copying media. Look for brands like Panasonic and Lite-On, and select easy-to-use devices that copy content at the press of a button.

Mimic Media

To burn DVDs, look for a DVD copier. Sometimes, these come combined with a CD burner to create a CD/DVD writer that offers more than one function for added convenience. Some added features to look for include devices compatible with multiple formats, such as DVD-R, CD-R and DVD-RW, along with disc labelling features that actually inscribe words or images onto the discs themselves; perfect for creating professional-looking CDs or movies. Another benefit to using these writers is USB capability, which means you can copy content from a flash drive to a disc without worry, or vice-versa. Multiple duplicators allow you to burn many discs at once, increasing your speed for tackling big tasks.

Burning Blu-rays

Blu-ray burners read and write Blu-ray discs. Select an external drive for portability, and enjoy features like a lightweight design and USB capability. Brands like Pioneer offer state-of-the-art Blu-ray copiers that write a variety of formats, including Blu-ray BD-R and BD-RE. Check before you purchase to ensure your format is compatible with the burner. Added enhancements, such as energy-saving options, quiet mode, a dustproof design and high-speed modes, make Blu-ray burners even more appealing. Internal burners replace an existing writer and update your computer with burning speeds of up to 16x.

Multifunction Mode

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