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Smell great with Chanel Bleu Fragrances for men from eBay

Bleu De Chanel is a men’s cologne created by perfumer Jacques Polge for Chanel. It’s known for its aromatic, intensely woody fragrance and is described as the fragrance of a man who refuses to be bound by rules. It draws inspiration from the spirit of a man who chooses his destiny and reveals a character that asserts itself with independence and determination.

For an intensified scent throughout the day, Bleu De Chanel is available in a full line of shaving and body products.

Parfum spray

Chanel Bleu fragrance for men is available in both a parfum spray and eau de parfum spray. The difference between the two is the level of oil concentration in the fragrance. The Chanel Bleu parfum spray has a higher concentration than that of eau de parfum, therefore the fragrance lasts longer and you don’t need to apply as much. For a more intense fragrance, spray directly onto the skin where it is warmest (neck and wrists).

Eau de toilette spray

The Chanel Bleu eau de toilette spray has less oil concentration than the parfum sprays. It’s sprayed directly onto the skin or inside clothing for lavish perfuming and is also available as a refillable travel spray.


Bleu De Chanel shaving cream features a clear gel texture that offers an easy, close shave. It transforms into a delicate foam that softens facial hair and protects the skin from razor burn.

An after shave lotion and balm is also available in the Chanel Bleu fragrances for men range. Aftershave lotion helps close the pores after shaving, and balm will usually soothe the skin. The aftershave lotion and balm can be applied to the skin after shaving.

Other products

Finish the routine by hydrating the entire face with Bleu De Chanel 2-in-1 moisturiser for face and beard. A shower gel and deodorant stick are also available.