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Chanel has been a driving force in the fashion industry since couturiere Coco Chanel came onto the scene in 1909. In the past 110 years, her simple line designs and colours typically associated with masculinity, made Chanel a standout against the over designed and constrictive clothes and accessories of the 19th century. While primarily her designs focused on blouses, suits, trousers, and dresses, she dedicated her time to creating jewellery of timeless design which fashion models, idols, and actresses still wear to this day. It is one of those brands which has not gone out of style yet, and most likely never will, making any Chanel purchase an investment.

Brooches in History

Brooches have been a form of decorative jewellery items designed to be attached to garnments, and on top of adding a bit of flair to any outfit, they often help hold them closed. Doubling as a practical item to keep clothes fastened while being a fashionable item. Brooches have been used since the times on ancient Europe, with many archaeological discoveries finding them popular in Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Medieval, and Roman times.

Elevate your outfit

Now Brooches tend to be used more to compliment outfits rather than keep them secure, and are a great way of elevating any outfit for a classic and elegant look. Chanel’s simple designs of brooches can be paired with suits, dresses, or blouses to add a little sparkle and colour to an outfit.

Spoil the Lady in Your Life

If you are looking for a great birthday, anniversary, or holiday present, then look no further than the classic Chanel designs. If you are uncertain about a style of brooch or bracelet, a safe option is to opt for a perfume such as Chanel No. 5, which has remained popular in the past century with elegant women for its fresh and distinct scent. You can also consider a wide range of Chanel fashion jewellery available on eBay.