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CHANEL Women's Wallets

Chanel Women’s Wallets

As one of the most prestigious brands on earth and a renowned high fashion house, Chanel’s range of women’s accessories are considered to be some of the most luxurious. The women’s wallets created by Chanel range from very small, but elegant, coin purses to oversized and luxurious zip wallets. All of Chanel’s creations are made from the very best leather with classic designs that never go out of style, and the famous Chanel logo found on every one.

Chanel Coin Purses and Card Holders

For women who prefer to carry as little with them as possible, Chanel has created a range of card holders and coin purses that allow you to take just the bare minimum but do so in style. These smaller styles of Chanel wallet are the perfect size to keep your most prized possessions safe within your handbag and with just as much panache as the larger wallets.

Chanel Zip Wallets

There are many different zip styles available in the Chanel wallet range, with a single zip that goes around the purse to keep everything safely inside. A zip wallet offers extra security for your belongings, but without taking away from the elegant grace that Chanel accessories are famous for. These zip wallets come in small and large sizes, depending on what each woman likes to carry, and are made from premium materials like grained calfskin and silver metal hardware.

Chanel Flap Wallets

Chanel’s various flap wallets allow the wearer to open them easily with a simple motion, and within this range, there are many styles available. Some Chanel wallets come with zips and others also feature basic compartments for your cards and cash. All of these luxurious wallets have the Chanel logo hardware on the front so that you can instantly see the maker of your favourite purse.

Quality Leather Construction and Style

Every Chanel womens wallet uses supple and premium types of leather including calfskin and lambskin. Chanel designs each wallet to have a unique look, with styles like grained leather or quilted finishes, in the classic black and white colours, along with other luxurious shades of blue, pink and beige.