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Weld well with CIGWELD

Get cutting and welding with quality machines from CIGWELD. One of the most major and respected brands for welders, cutters, and torches, Australia-based brand CIGWELD pride themselves on superior quality and innovation.

Welding Equipment

CIGWELD produce a large range of welding equipment for home use as well as professional use. If youre looking for something easy to use for DIY and home projects, try the WELDSKILL 155, one of their most simple and easy-to-use models for the novice welder. It is a self-contained inverter that is portable and compact, perfect for maintenance and repairs. For the busy handyman or those on the go, check out their TRADEPACK, which includes a WeldSkill 180, a carry bag, gloves, a helmet, chipping hammer, wire brush, and electrodes.

It is imperative to stay safe while welding, so check out CIGWELDs range of welding helmets to provide all-important protection for the face and head. You can also get yourself additional accessories such as power sources and wire feeders, welding wires, rods, solder, and electrodes to keep your machine running at its best.

Gas Cutting Machines

Invest in a pipe cutting machine or straight cutting machine from CIGWELD. The pipe cutting machine uses flame cutting for accurate square and bevel edge cuts, plus, the valves are located away from the heat for added safety. The pipe machines are designed for easy, stable, and dependable use and are fully adjustable with quick changeovers for different diameters.

The straight cutter is designed to automatically cut in straight lines, circles, and bevels. With a compact, lightweight, and portable design, it is easy to use and stable. You can choose a range of accessories for your machines including blowpipes, regulators, pipes, and nozzles.

Plasma Cutters

Alternatively, opt for a plasma cutter, which is designed for outstanding cutting and bevel performance. The millimetre number in each machines name measures the thickness of material it can cut through. Look out for features such as auto-pilot restart, cooling systems, and SL60 1Torch, which gives the machine a durable lifespan.